Absolutely love this app!
Its just a cool way of discovering new things including fashion, technology, inspiring quotes and much More.
I’m quite into the anime art! And although I’m not brilliant I’ve been trying to self-teach how to draw anime characters. I have found a lot of “how to” pages on pinterest.
How to draw ears.


How to draw eyes


I love this last one as it shows the different expressions you can make for you characters.

It’s amazing I found different hairstyles, clothes and even animals on there its really helped me.
Still working on my art though, maybe I will post some of my finished drawings on here some day…..
That’s a for now!

i’m back, relapsed. Blogaholic. :-D

je suis de retour or for you English I am back to the blog (I'm not french by the way). 
Sorry I was away but I've had a   very eventful and emotional year. I stopped blogging
because I really didn't want to be one of  those whiny people and bore you to tears.
But hey ho life goes on and my life is currently, great, well, not perfect but
can't complain. Let me remind you, I'm a staff nurse at my local hospital.
I love my job (which is cool) i got some amazing friends and a boyfriend,
who I love to bits
(we have our issues you will probably hear more about them later).

I live by the beach, in a lovely top floor flat (with no elevator- nightmare) I love
music, gigs, festivals
and the sun! As  it's nearly summer I've been shopping obviously, I confess,
I am a
shopaholic to the point where I allow myself to  spend money I just don't have to
fund my addiction. Who else has an addiction?
I wouldn't believe anyone if they said they didn't have an addiction.
As it goes, if there is
reward for doing something, you will probably do it again. And again 2 or 3 time
more. Thus, becoming ADDICTED.
Although most people can   control this and it does not get to a point of
controlling their daily lives. Others, however get so involved that it starts
 to be come apart of their lifestyle, e.g. gamblers, alcoholics, illicit drug users
and this takes a toll on their physical,   mental and emotional health and
well-being. I don't think my addiction to
shopping is so extreme but it is taking a huge toll on my financial state
and I'm constantly
in my overdraft. How do I resolve this? become a workahoic and increase my income haha!
Anyway, I know that was brief but I've just been paid! (ahhhh right on!)
Maybe I should donate something toward a worthy cause, like the recent
NEPAL EARTHQUAKE disaster...RIP to all who lost their lives, what an utter tragedy! 
That's all for now folks. Thanks for reading hoping I didn't bore you to death.
It's nice to be back. Look out for
my next update!
p.s gone shopping ūüėČ

Calculator Results!

I’ve just finished Love Test on Android and it’s great! My result is: 9 + 3 : This is a natural love story with the same aspiration: to be creative in action. No rivalry; of course, No. 9 will be the leader and No. 3 will follow with love. It is a joyful relationship, where everything is an excuse to party. Atmosphere guaranteed! You are made for each other.

Love Calculator

Valentine’s Day Special.

So its been a month since A told me he didn’t want a relationship. I was cut up, destroyed and completely devastated. As you can imagine, I really loved that guy and still do.

A couple of weeks earlier I went along to the local pub as it was a friends birthday, there was a good group o peope there and it was nice to just be around people. I got takin to one guy, B, he was chatty and fun and we had what I can only describe as, the worst game of pool ever. Yet we had fun. We swapped numbers that night and he added me on facebook. It’s nice because we had quite alot in common. Anyway the next week we texted every now and again but my thoughts are always still on A. The following week it was another birthday celebration that we were both invtied along to. So was A.

I spent alot of that night talking to A, trying to, change his mind if you like (i know pathetic right?)  He warned me not to get too drunk, asked my friend to make sure i got home ok, then left. Not another word from him.

Everyone kept telling me to move on, so whilst I was dancing in the nightclub, I found myself dancing closer to B, nxtthing I knew, we were kissing. One thing lead to another and he came back to mine and well, you can guess the rest.

The next morning, I felt like I’d cheated, even though A told me he didn’t want me, I still wanted him more than anything. But I¬†didnt text him i didnt wanna seem like a bunny Boiler or anything. For the past week I have focussed more on ‘distraction’ I’ve been hanging out with B, Started watching Breaking Bad, which is epic (i need to write a separate blog about this).

Just one thing i’m confused about.

A text me yesterday, about 5 AM. Saying ‘why am i so shit’. Honestly, not sure wht I’m meant to say to that. I havent replied. And I’ve heard nothing from him since. I know he will be at work this weekend. And so am I. So I don’t expect to hear anythng frm him.

Call me sad but I also put our names into ‘the love calculator’ online, which I found on google.¬† We got 94%. Me and B got 25%. I think I’ve got issues. But my head says stop and leave him to it but my heart is saying go and get him. My heads a mess.


OKay  so getting over A is harder than I  thought  but I havent seen him  in 3 weeks and havent text  him in almost  a week.  I have decided to put things  into perspective here, I mean, I have acheived so much in my life already  and should be proud of that and if no guy appreciates  me then they are just not worth it. BECAUSE I AM WORTH IT.

Here’s ¬†the sitch, my aunty was married for ¬†over 20 years when ¬†her husband ¬†decided ¬†to leave ¬†her for someone half his age, i can’t even begin to imagine how she ¬†must of been ¬†feeling. ¬†As well as ¬†having health ¬†problems and unable to have children, she ¬†had ¬†to deal with a divorce. She always put on a ¬†brave face for ¬†us all and ¬†I respect her for that. My problem seems so trivial compared ¬†to ¬†that, I ¬†mean I’ve not even known A for 1 year let alone a 20 year committment. He’s just another ¬†frog and i’m still awaiting my prince.

My ¬†aunty got the ¬†happily ¬†ever after ¬†she ¬†deserves, she found her ¬†prince, married ¬†again ¬†and he even gave her a kidney! Yes, ¬†I don’t want spoiling with gifts ¬†and diamonds, all ¬†I want ¬†is a man who ¬†is willing ¬†to give me a kidney, or ¬†some ¬†bone marrow, if ¬†ever I needed it, someone to be ¬†there for ¬†me when I am ¬†feeling rouugh ¬†or upset because that it was a soulmate is for.

So ¬†I’m gonna leave it at that. I’m sailing on. Thanks for reading and following blogs. I won’t stop ¬†blogging but I ¬†will stop posting anything about A.

Totally fucked over

Well and truly fucked off to find out my estranged ex boyfriend has been seeing his ex behind my back and ‘phasing me’ out in the process. Seriously better off without the cunt. Good riddance I hope they have the time of their life. Just had to get that off of my chest. Over and out.